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Cuzzo Ton - Fly Kicks

Cuzzo Ton has FINALLY given us visuals to his highly anticipated single, Fly Kicks, which I have called the song for the summer of 2014. My opinion may be coming from a biased place, but the music speaks for itself. I have known Ton for over 15 years. I have seen him grow into the person he is today, not just as an artist but as a man. The video’s concept is based on the movie Back to the Future, due to the Nike Air Mag (aka Marty McFly’s) sneakers, which Ton is wearing throughout the video. During the video, he gets in the Delorean to travel back in time to see a younger version of hisself that got bullied and to lace him with a brand new pair of kicks.

After watching…the video got me thinking about our friendship and where it all started. I remember when he FIRST started writing music in my parents kitchen on a Kenwood Tape Deck. We used to listen to the “Top 9 @ 9” recording the countdown on Power 93. Using the music that had lyrics on it to flow over top of, cause we couldn’t afford instrumentals. Calling each other at odd hours of the night, to bounce song ideas off each other. Trying to figure out which concept would work best for each track. Now we go “Back to the Future”, he’s doing songs with Fred the Godson and performing at SXSW as I type this post. I am so proud of him…so if you don’t know, now you do. 


Keywords to Remember:

Goods/product = sex

Seller = women

Consumer = men

Sellers control the market because they have the goods, which allows them to set the price, unfortunately sellers (as a whole) don’t like to charge the same premium price for the same product. Sellers have OVER SATURATED the market with goods and have plummeted the market value of that good. Consumers have also learned that its more than one location to purchase the “same product”. A perfect example is Walmart. They sell everything (on a basic level) that can be found at Whole Foods, but charges a much different price. Why would I pay $6 for a dozen of eggs, when I can get 24 eggs for $3. I mean its only eggs, right? Walmart undersells all of their competitors, which has given them a commanding lead in the market. This is the same with how its a new trend of “hoes winning”. When a consumer has a taste for eggs…Walmart will win EVERY TIME. Its all about supply and demand. 

Lets put it in another way…why would you pay $30k for a Hublot watch, when you can pay $15 for a Casio to tell the EXACT same time. BUT if all watches cost the same you would have no choice but to pay $30k if you want to tell time. And I NEED my watch.

So while women complain about how its nothing but “aint’shit” men, its all because of OTHER women, not men, that have made things so difficult.

"I usually don’t do this, but let’s break them off with a preview of the Remix…"

Vibrate x Andre 3000

I am currently watching Idlewild and was listening to She Lives in my Lap by Andre 3 Stacks & got curious to learn the meaning. So I went to my favorite site for defining music, @rapgenius. After reading it, I went on to read up on Vibrate and I had no idea the song was about Masturbation. But after reading it, the song makes sense now.

Andre speaks on with masturbation you are desensitizing the act of sex, which doesn’t make it as enjoyable as its intended to be. The most obvious line of the song is when he says “The Future is in your hand, NO the future is in your hand”. Saying your semen (seed) is in your hand (wasted and can’t reproduce). Andre uses metaphors not only for lyrics but for entire songs, he’s one of the best to do it.

I am a HUGE fan of wordplay and song lyrics having a purpose and not just used for the purpose to rhyme. So if you come across a song and you say to yourself “what does that mean?”. Its only one thing to do….FIND OUT!!!!!!

I love it when I’m right….Congrats Seahawks. View high resolution

I love it when I’m right….Congrats Seahawks.

Richard Sherman’s 30 for 30….A Frank Caliendo Classic

Happy Super Bowl Sunday !!!!

Today is my favorite “non traditional” holiday…..PERIOD. Super Bowl Sunday holds a special place in my heart for multiple reasons. My love for  Super Bowl Sunday stems from my father. While growing up he has always been my PARENT first, my friend second. It would be seldom that I saw him laugh & joke or even act like a child at times, BUT NOT on Super Bowl Sunday. My dad would invite all of his friends/brothers (which are also men I respect) over to the house and have a party. They would just sit around talk shit, drink beer, and crack jokes….all while eating a FEAST my mom had prepared earlier that day. I would watch them and say to myself, “dang these men are just like me”. It was one of my earliest glimpses of the man Larry Sr, not just my father. 

Another reason, even though it might seem simple, is the commercials. I LOVE Super Bowl commercials, which is the billion dollar game being played today between competing businesses. Every year its always one or two that standout, rather its McDonald’s “Bird vs Jordan” or Budweiser’s “Whatzup” ad. These are cult classics, which intrigued me to major in Marketing in college. The fact that some how these 30 second ads being shown during this 1 football game can reach billions of potential customers. I always thought that was a golden opportunity for any business to go from a local store to a global enterprise. 

Lastly, and definitely not least, Super Bowl Sunday is a day that was ALWAYS set for my brother Kory and I. This Sunday out of the year was a guaranteed day, we would hangout regardless of what was going on in our lives individually. I think the first time was in 6th grade and every year since. What makes this so significant isn’t the fact that we can’t watch it together anymore, but the fact that he took his last breathe 13 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday. Today is a friendly reminder, not of sorrow or sadness…but of joy and laughter that we shared.

So today marks another Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s much differently now. I have grown into adulthood and my father isn’t just my father anymore, but one of my closest friends. The commercials have gotten alot better with MUCH larger budgets. I hope they do a sequel to Terry Tate the office Linebacker, that was my favorites. Even though Kory isn’t here in a physical form, I still fell him with me, not only today, but on a daily basis.

Oh Yeah…..Go Seahawks.

Thank you Apple for 30 Years of EXCELLENCE

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